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Smart Burgenland: Successful rollout in Austria

According to Austrian regulations, 95% of households need to be equipped with a smart meter by 2022. As one of the country’s first distribution system operators, Netz Burgenland committed themselves to a full-scale G3 PLC smart metering solution rollout.


Gridstream® Connect Apps: Grid Location Awareness

Grid Location Awareness provides a more accurate map of the grid, essential to the advanced analytics software utilities use to safely and rapidly restore power following an outage. This application also supports renewables integration, enables the mass adoption of electric…


Gridstream® Connect Apps: Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection uses high-resolution data to detect the electric signatures of events like a tree branch brushing against a wire that may cause momentary power disruptions in the near-term and potential outages in the long-term. Utilities can use this information…