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Landis+Gyr’s advanced technologies identify current issues, predict future problems, and provide proactive strategies for improving your grid. Our software collects your grid data and uses physics-based algorithms to turn it into actionable insights, in turn helping you optimize operations, extend the life of your assets, and plan for new investments.

Our utility analytics software offers a large number of applications, including a voltage visualization system, a revenue protection app, and a reliability planner, among others. And when it comes to installing the software, you can use your own server or opt for Landis+Gyr’s cloud hosting service – just one of countless ways we make our system work for you.

Advanced Grid Analytics

Advanced Grid Analytics

Landis+Gyr's portfolio of Advanced Grid Analytics applications is designed to help solve power quality, reliability, revenue protection and other operational challenges by harnessing available distribution data. This proven solution applies meter and distribution network data — using physics-based algorithms — to system…

Gridstream MDMS

SmartData Applications

SmartData Application Extensions enable the utility to extend the value of the Gridstream MDMS by providing additional correlations critical for utility programs. SmartData Application Extensions use the data stored, validated and prepared by the Gridstream MDMS and apply additional analytics…

Distribution Automation

Gridstream Distribution Automation Solution

Landis+Gyr provides peer-to-peer device communication with a resident software layer that allows both autonomous local operation and supervised control. Distribution devices can be deployed as stand-alone units, integrated radios, and as PC cards enclosed within devices.

Managed Services

For some utilities, the smart choice is to contract the management and maintenance of their advanced metering network. Landis+Gyr has the experience and know-how that comes from operating the largest advanced metering network in the country. The company manages hardware,…

Smart Grid Services

From initial project delivery to system support, Landis+Gyr’s Smart Grid Operations team ensures utility systems perform in the most optimized and efficient manner to meet business goals. Our agile team brings years of proven experience in managing grid data and…

Cloud Services

Leveraging the expertise of Landis+Gyr for AMI, MDM and Grid Management requirements enables utilities to dedicate valuable internal resources to serving customer needs. We tailor solutions to a utility’s IT infrastructure and application requirements, deliver flexibility to streamline deployment and…

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