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As rate structures have evolved and regulatory requirements changed, utilities have turned to AMI to ensure that they have the best technology to sense, validate, and convert energy usage into accurate and timely bills for their customers. Now, utilities can leverage the value of smart metering data beyond the primary business case of gathering consumption data and automating billing. AMI is being applied to gain operational efficiencies, reliability improvements, better consumer engagement, and effective integration of distributed energy resources. With asset management business cases in mind, utilities have found the potential of AMI data in applying advanced analytics to optimize asset lifecycles and increase gird efficiency. With Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream Connect providing a single, multipurpose network for electric, water, and gas metering, these advanced use cases can be extended across a broad ecosystem of smart grid devices to support distribution automation, load management, and smart city applications.

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We are ready to solve your biggest challenges. The solutions below can act together to ensure you maximize AMI efficiency and value. Take a deeper look into each solution and see how Landis+Gyr’s broad utility-focused portfolio will address your needs.

Multi-Commodity AMI

Multi-Commodity AMI

Improving utility operations and consumer engagement starts with the digital sensing and two-way communications provided by Landis+Gyr’s smart metering technology. By delivering real-time data and advanced metrics, Landis+Gyr's electric, water, and gas metering solutions provide crucial insights that enable utilities to transform customer service, lower operating costs, and make more informed asset investment decisions.

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Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement

Your consumers want knowledge and flexibility, and you need a better long-term relationship with them. Landis+Gyr’s consumer engagement products accomplish both. Offer your customers online payment and budgeting options, more freedom to manage and be aware of their energy consumption, and the ability to incorporate more sustainable energy resources.

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Landis+Gyr offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to help you reduce operating costs, deliver faster and more effective results for your customers and streamline execution. We’re here whenever and wherever you need assistance with services that include cloud hosting, disaster recovery, smart grid maintenance, tech support, system integration, employee training and more.

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Edge applications provide intelligence to devices at the edge. With edge applications utilities can perform actions and manage devices responsively and gain greater real-time insight than ever before. In addition, edge applications empower consumers by delivering rich energy usage, billing, and trend information right at their fingertips.

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Meter Data Management

Being the integration hub of the utility, the Landis+Gyr Meter Data Management System (MDMS) provides a solution that manages the multiple AMI systems, processes, and requirements to provide business process automation to transform customer service, lower operating costs, and enabled more informed business decisions.

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