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Lack of a unified communications network across the grid can lead to inefficient distribution management and wasted resources for utility companies. Replacing outdated metering technology with modern digital options can lead to cost savings and more efficient operations.

Landis+Gyr’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) sends real-time endpoint data back to the utility. Our MDMS (Meter Data Management System) analyzes the data and drives solutions for smarter grid-edge intelligence.

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Multi-Commodity AMI

Multi-Commodity AMI

Improving utility operations and service starts with the digital sensing and two-way communications provided by Landis+Gyr’s smart metering technology. By delivering real-time data and advanced metrics, smart meters provide crucial insights that enable utilities to transform customer service, lower operating costs, and make more informed asset investment decisions.

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Increase reliability and reduce operating costs with Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics platform. Using data from the AMI and distribution sensors that you already own, our full suite of applications will seamlessly integrate into your existing system to generate an extremely accurate model of your distribution network and deliver unprecedented planning capabilities and real-time optimization.

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Landis+Gyr offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to help you reduce operating costs, deliver faster and more effective results for your customers and streamline execution. We’re here whenever and wherever you need assistance with services that include cloud hosting, disaster recovery, smart grid maintenance, tech support, system integration, employee training and more.

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Meter Data Management

Being the integration hub of the utility, the Landis+Gyr Meter Data Management System (MDMS) provides a solution that manages the multiple AMI systems, processes, and requirements to provide business process automation to transform customer service, lower operating costs, and enabled more informed business decisions.

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FutureReady—Winter 2017

The shifting view of generation: how utilities are finding new opportunities, taking on new roles and addressing new threats.


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