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Power outages are not only disruptive to day-to-day operations, but costly to prevent and fix. Spend less time worrying about outages on your grid and more time focusing on the future of your business. Landis+Gyr offers load control switches, distribution automation (DA) sensors, and other advanced solutions that work seamlessly behind the scenes to reduce outages and enhance your grid’s reliability.

What’s more, Landis+Gyr can collect and analyze data from your grid to provide you with a fully customized action plan. No more guessing about the location or cause of your outages – just tailored solutions that you can implement whenever you’re ready.

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Multi-Commodity AMI

Multi-commodity AMI

Improving utility operations and service starts with the digital sensing and two-way communications provided by Landis+Gyr’s smart metering technology. By delivering real-time data and advanced metrics, smart meters provide crucial insights that enable utilities to transform customer service, lower operating costs, and make more informed asset investment decisions.

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Increase reliability and reduce operating costs with Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics platform. Using data from the AMI and distribution sensors that you already own, our full suite of applications will seamlessly integrate into your existing system to generate an extremely accurate model of your distribution network and deliver unprecedented planning capabilities and real-time optimization.

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DA and Sensors

DA and Sensors

Let Landis+Gyr help you build a more modern grid. Designed for seamless integration into your existing network, our distribution automation (DA) system and sensors send information to your central control station and remotely respond to changes in demand.

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Meter Data Management

By delivering real-time data and advanced metrics, the Landis+Gyr Meter Data Management System (MDMS) enables a utility to deliver effective results for its customers, streamline execution, and improve customer satisfaction.

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FutureReady – A Changing View of Generation

The future of energy generation remains an unsettled question caught between financial considerations, environmental concerns and changes to consumer demand. But amid this uncertainty, many stakeholders are experimenting in ways that may influence utility roles soon. In this issue we…


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