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Balancing the supply and demand of the electric grid is critical, especially at times of extremely high demand or when supply is low. Peak demand events can drive up power costs, impact system reliability, and even result in outages unless utilities have programs that enable them to effectively meet the demand, and manage and balance system loads. With fluid delivery of quality energy usage data, demand response programs provide a strategic, real-time operational resource for cost-effective and reliable peak power adjustments and overall load management. They also give utilities the tools to engage consumers as partners in smart energy management strategies.

Landis+Gyr offers a comprehensive array of smart grid solutions tailored to execute demand response strategies. From load and meter data management to effective consumer engagement, we provide the demand response foundation utilities need to ensure energy savings and protect power quality.

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We are ready to solve your biggest challenges. The solutions below can act together to resolve demand response challenges. Take a deeper look into each solution and see how Landis+Gyr’s broad utility-focused portfolio will address your needs.

Load Management

Load Management

Efficiently managing load capacity requires the ability to make fast and effective changes to demand, especially during peak events. Landis+Gyr load management solutions help utilities to save money and maintain the flexibility of the grid by providing the visibility and control necessary to easily meet or adjust demand.

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Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement

Your consumers want knowledge and flexibility, and you need a better long-term relationship with them. Landis+Gyr’s consumer engagement products accomplish both. Offer your customers online payment and budgeting options, more freedom to manage and be aware of their energy consumption, and the ability to incorporate more sustainable energy resources.

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Meter Data Management

Landis+Gyr Meter Data Management System (MDMS) enables utilities the ability to configure and process their unique Demand Response programs. The integration capabilities with systems such as; Event initiation and management, weather providers, and CIS/Billing systems enable an end-to-end solution for a utility’s’ rapidly changing customers’ needs and PUC regulations


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To learn more about how Landis+Gyr can help you meet your company’s demand response challenges, contact us today. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to help you optimize your Internet of Things solutions, as well as demand-side management services to help you influence your customers’ consumption.

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