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When your customers’ energy consumption exceeds power production, it can lead to outages, voltage fluctuations, and grid instability. Landis+Gyr’s load management solutions enable you to adjust supply to match demand, saving you time and money.

Landis+Gyr’s demand response solutions also help enhance revenue operations. Adapting to periods of peak demand helps you avoid expensive purchases of third-party energy.

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Load Management

Load Management

Managing load capacity effectively requires harnessing the full potential of the grid. Landis+Gyr’s innovative toolset can help utilities save money by reducing the amount of energy needed to meet demand, and preventing renewables and aging or stressed assets from overloading the system.

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Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement

Your consumers want freedom and flexibility, and you want a better long-term relationship with your customers. Landis+Gyr’s consumer engagement products accomplish both. Offer your customers online payment and budgeting options, more freedom to manage their energy consumption and the ability to incorporate more sustainable energy resources.

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Meter Data Management

Landis+Gyr Meter Data Management System (MDMS) enables utilities the ability to configure and process their unique Demand Response programs. The integration capabilities with systems such as; Event initiation and management, weather providers, and CIS/Billing systems enable an end-to-end solution for a utility’s’ rapidly changing customers’ needs and PUC regulations

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FutureReady—Winter 2017

The shifting view of generation: how utilities are finding new opportunities, taking on new roles and addressing new threats.


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To learn more about how Landis+Gyr can help you meet your company’s demand response challenges, contact us today. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to help you optimize your Internet of Things solutions, as well as demand-side management services to help you influence your customers’ consumption.

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