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The capabilities of interconnected devices are increasing. But so are consumer expectations. As the Internet of Things expands, utilities must be prepared for the pressures and opportunities ahead. The flow of information and resources is no longer a one-way street from utility to consumer. A proliferation of distributed energy resources and smart devices has created a web of multi-directional interactions within the smart city, creating a new type of partnership between city residents, businesses, and the utilities that serve them. New and constantly changing requirements such as consumer engagement applications, regulatory directives, and sustainability initiatives, make it challenging but necessary for utilities to keep up.

That’s why Landis+Gyr offers a comprehensive array of utility IoT solutions tailored to the development and advancement of smart cities. From our Gridstream® Connect IoT networking platform, to intelligent street lighting solutions, to advanced grid analytics, we offer the products, solutions, and services that enable utilities to deliver on the promise of smart cities today and in the future.

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We are ready to solve your biggest challenges. The solutions below can act together to ensure you are well equipped to manage assets and resources efficiently for your smart city initiatives. Take a deeper look into each solution and see how Landis+Gyr’s broad utility-focused portfolio will address your needs.

Dynamic Connectivity

Gridstream Connect

Gridstream Connect, Landis+Gyr’s utility IoT networking solution, is designed to work with today’s communications technologies and expand to embrace those of the future. Backed by more than 25 years of proven interoperability experience, Gridstream Connect enables utilities to take advantage of the latest technological advances as soon as they become available.

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Street Light Management

Landis+Gyr’s Street Light Management technology enables utilities to significantly reduce energy costs and extend lighting asset life with remote monitoring and control of both High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and LED luminaires. Smart street lighting offers the ability to adjust and adapt lighting to provide optimal coverage and safety for traffic conditions. Using intelligent communications technologies, the system can also pave the way for other smart city applications, such as parking and traffic management, outage detection, air quality sensing, weather sensing and more – all on a single, secure network.

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Increase reliability and reduce operating costs with Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics platform. Using data from the AMI and distribution sensors that you already own, our full suite of applications will seamlessly integrate into your existing system to generate an extremely accurate model of your distribution network and deliver unprecedented planning capabilities and real-time optimization.

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FutureReady – Smart Cities for a Smarter World

Roadside sensors, smart water meters, plug-in charging stations, LEED-certified building, drone technology…energy-efficient tactics are on the rise, creating the new smart city. Building a smart city by re-thinking network infrastructure, implementing energy-saving technologies and anticipating tomorrow’s trends.


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