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Wireless devices are increasingly being used for personal energy management. This provides a potential win-win opportunity for both the consumer and the utility: Consumers want the freedom to manage their energy consumption and utilities need to identify new revenue streams.

Landis+Gyr’s consumer engagement program opens a channel of communication to the end-user by offering them incentives, such as utility loyalty programs and a prepayment for energy usage, for sharing data that can be used to drive future sales for the utility.


FutureReady—Winter 2017

The shifting view of generation: how utilities are finding new opportunities, taking on new roles and addressing new threats.

Electricity Meters

E331/351 FOCUS AXe

The FOCUS platform for advanced metering and smart grid applications is designed to enhance your sensor ecosystem with industry-leading reliability and innovative features. Expanding on Landis+Gyr’s proven and industry leading AX solution, the FOCUS AXe-SD provides enhanced security with tamper…

Electricity Meters


The E130 FOCUS® AL provides the utility industry with a reliable and economical solid-state meter platform that easily adapts to various advanced metering technologies and applications.

Commercial and Industrial Meters

E650 S4x

The next generation of commercial metering begins with the E650 S4x. The S4x sets a new standard for versatility right out of the box, with four quandrant measurements of active and reactive energy, load profile and TOU without a battery…

Gridstream Software

Gridstream Integration Suite

Gridstream Integration suite is the most mature integration platform in the industry today. It provides utilities with a collection of packaged interface adapters and advanced web service API's providing connectivity to the most heavily used information systems. These integration components…

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