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Driving the Global EV Revolution with Flexible Charging and Consumer Empowerment

Our longstanding heritage of developing the most advanced energy management solutions, combined with our extensive portfolio of electric vehicle (EV) software and charging capabilities, strongly positions us to provide smart infrastructure for the global EV revolution. The flexibility of our EV solutions to control charging in line with optimal grid conditions will not only deliver bill and carbon savings, but also empower consumers with usage information and choices on their EV journey.​

Through our acquisitions of Etrel, a leading EV charging hardware and software provider, and True Energy, a specialist in smart charging software, we provide utilities with a unique and holistic set of capabilities in our smart EV solution.

Etrel’s EV charging solutions can connect with other energy management and photovoltaic (PV) systems, to help manage demand and support energy prosumers who are feeding power back onto the grid.

True Energy’s technology is designed with the modern energy consumer in mind, offering full visibility and control on the go, as well as automated EV charging when power is most cost efficient and environmentally friendly.​

With its new EV charging solutions, Landis+Gyr continues its longstanding tradition of supporting utilities with the challenges of both today and tomorrow – integration of EV charging into smart grid demonstrates our long-term approach to meet the needs of a changing industry.

Smart charging allows consumers to access electricity when it is most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly by automatically shifting the charging period to off-peak times. Testing of the technology has found carbon savings of up to 50% by adapting charging schedules to the grid conditions.

Landis+Gyr’s EV solutions have the potential to benefit from being Cloud-enabled due our ongoing partnership with Google, further enhancing the integrated set of services and visibility for our customers.
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Etrel provides a complete range of smart residential charging stations for home and public use and a comprehensive suite of software solutions for charge management and smart charging.

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True Energy provides intelligent automatic power consumption software and services for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, home appliance, and solar solutions.

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