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The Grid is Changing at a Rapid Pace. Are You Future Flexible? Find out at TechAdvantage in Booth 1305

San Antonio, TX – March 4-6, 2024

Aging infrastructure, extreme weather events, electrification, DERs, the engaged prosumer: the list of challenges utilities are facing goes on, and these obstacles can only be overcome with flexible solutions that evolve and adapt. From EV charging management to the integration of distributed energy resources, Landis+Gyr provides an end-to-end portfolio of connected grid edge solutions that offer flexibility and choice for utilities to meet growing energy needs now and in the future.

Visit Booth 1305 to find out how our Future Flexible solutions can help your utility address today's challenges while also providing an evolving platform to overcome tomorrow’s obstacles. 


Are You Equipped to Overcome the Challenges Facing the Grid?

The clean energy transition is happening now.

Home electrification, heating electrification, transportation electrification, and the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are key energy transition strategies to help slow climate change. Motivated by our commitment to energy management, we offer solutions that will assist utilities with handling electricity demand through a mix of software, sensors, and edge apps, while also empowering end consumers to monitor their usage.

DER adoption is on the rise.

Future-facing platforms must have the ability to evolve and support multiple use cases—our holistic, end-to-end global platform supports key challenges, including grid stability/reliability, operational complexity, real-time monitoring and control, interoperability, and advanced cybersecurity use cases—supporting a clean energy future and further enabling consumer empowerment.

Today's aging infrastructure cannot support tomorrow's technologies.

Modern grids prioritize accurate metering and analytics for managing electricity—emphasizing the role of advanced meters and grid sensors in modernizing grids. Our software combines edge and central intelligence, supporting utilities with continued grid hardening efforts and enabling real-time data-driven decisions for both utilities and engaged consumers.