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Imagine being able to engage customers like never before, offering them the ability to see their energy usage in real time – and not just at an aggregated, what’s-happening-at-the-premise level, but down to the individual device type. Imagine being able to “see” where the DERs are in your system. Imagine having real-time awareness of grid conditions for enhanced outage prevention, management and recovery strategies, more reliable energy delivery, and improved power quality.

The Solution

Revelo is truly a future flexible platform with a growing ecosystem of grid and consumer facing applications.  Revelo was built from the ground up to address the energy management use cases of today and those of the future. These use cases are geared towards increasing consumer engagement and meeting the challenges brought about by an evolving grid, characterized by unprecedented demand and DER adoption.

Unlike traditional AMI meters focused on measurement, Revelo combines grid sensing, edge processing capabilities, and flexible IoT communications with an unmatched ability to generate wave forms. This high-resolution data can be processed and analyzed to create engaging consumer-facing energy management experiences, while simultaneously addressing outward grid conditions.


App Benefits for All

Built on the Gridstream Connect Apps ecosystem, Revelo provides an app development platform and community of partners to deliver applications that can be tailored to meet utilities’ unique business needs, including grid sensing and consumer usage data.

High-resolution Billing System

Get the high-resolution billing and profiling system of the S4x commercial and industrial meter, upgraded to accommodate future transactive energy innovations.

Enhanced Speed & Control

Enjoy unprecedented insight and control with waveform data technology while taking advantage of superior edge computing capabilities to sample, process, store, and deliver data when and where you need it quickly.


Advanced Disconnect Features

With the same 320A remote disconnect capabilities found in the FOCUS residential meter, utilities can enjoy more flexibility, reliability, and safety when serving both industrial and residential consumers.

Revelo features a use-case driven app roadmap, supported by an open and collaborative partner ecosystem. These include: 

Consumer Facing Apps

  • Real-time consumer experience​
  • High-energy usage alerts
  • Home analytics
  • Active demand response

Grid Management Apps

  • Grid Location Awareness​
  • Intelligent Voltage Monitoring​
  • Enhanced Outage Notification​
  • Protocol Translation

Revelo Metering Platform

Revelo is a true grid sensor, providing unprecedented insight and control through industry-leading waveform data technology, offering superior edge computing capabilities and a greater ability to sample, process, store, and deliver data to the right places in real-time.

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Grid Edge Waveform Data and Load Disaggregation: Next Generation Applications for Grid Management

What defines Landis+Gyr’s next generation of smart electrical meters is the ability to access high-resolution waveform data in real time at the endpoint – capabilities that previously were only available in high-end grid meters. This paper takes a look at the advantages of using waveform data to support energy management and why it improves upon existing analytics using historical data.


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