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Welcome to the Edge

How Grid Edge Technologies Can Help Energy Companies Increase Customer Engagement and Create New Revenue Streams

Decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation are profoundly transforming the energy system and consumer behaviour around energy management and control. This paper examines the latest global trends in technology, presents the most up to date consumer research and discusses the compelling benefits of grid edge technology for energy companies and consumer engagement.

What it demonstrates is that consumer expectations today have been transformed by the advent smart technologies in all other aspects of life, from entertainment and finance to healthcare and telecommunications, disrupting well-established business models. This transformation has now come to the energy industry and it’s clear, through the independent research conducted specifically for this white paper, that the digitally savvy consumers of today expect much more than their energy companies have provided them in the past.

Far from simply outlining the problem, however, this paper also proposes both the behavioural and the technological solution.

So … welcome to the edge