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Meter Data Management System

SmartData Connect

SmartData Connect™ is a customer engagement platform that transforms meter data into an easy to use resource for both consumers and utility personnel. Read more

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Providing More Flexibility in Engaging Consumers

It is a secure and flexible portal, integrated (standards-based) with the Gridstream® Command Center head end as well as the Gridstream Meter Data Management (MDM) solutions. The application draws data from the CIS system and marries it with the AMI data to provide your end consumers with valuable insight into their usage, comparisons against weather and similar properties, as well as tools to help engage them on a regular basis. SDC also gives your Customer Support teams the same view into the data as your end customer allowing for shorter customer calls and higher customer satisfaction ratings. SDC is coupled with push messaging alerts, and capabilities to facilitate electronic and pre-pay billing.

In addition to electric energy, the application is also capable of reporting information from water and gas meters. We know how important it is to give your customer a complete integrated experience, SDC is fully branded to your utility standards to give your customer the same experience as your utility website.

The SmartData Connect platform is a proven driver of utility benefits including increased customer satisfaction, quantifiable energy savings, and participation in peak demand management programs.


Why Landis+Gyr makes a difference.

  • Provides consumer access to electric, water and gas usage
  • Provides support personnel with a tool to more easily diagnose and resolve customer inquiries
  • Supports energy managing programs such as dynamic pricing, peak alerts and behavioral efficiency
  • Supports pre-pay programs and online billing
  • Enables targeted rate and rebate offers guided by usage patterns and property type
  • Improves customer communication with timely alerts and notifications
  • Configurable to allow utility branding of the user interface

Data Visualization and Analytics

Downloadable data, same view for the CSR team, Bill Pay (integrated with backend utility payment systems), Bill View, Alerts, Admin tools/reporting, Customized widgets (At a glance information), net metering capabilities, bill forecasting, ability to show what the customer is using in dollars (education), property profile information to allow for targeted marketing, commercial benchmarking (energy star portfolio manager).

All locations are geo-coded to enable comparisons with local weather data and the energy use performance of similar homes or commercial facilities.

Energy Markers

Users can record events and energy improvements, examining pre and post energy use intensity to gauge the impact of actions on their usage.

Pre-Pay Billing

Online capabilities to process payments, alert customers of balance thresholds and ensure alignment with CIS and billing systems.

Proven Energy Savings

Engagement strategies have been found by third-party evaluators to yield overall behavioral energy savings reductions in excess of 2% annually, with persistence over multiple years.

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