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Gas Measurement


Media: Methane, town gas, natural gas, air, inert gases Branches: Industry, trade, chemicals, food-stuffs,* Functions: Metering, control, regulation, registration,** Elster-Instromet quantometers are highly reliable gas meters which can be used throughout the entire field of flow metering and which fulfil… Read more

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  • Compact gas meter
  • Meter sizes QA/e 10 – QA/e 1000
  • Flow ranges 1.6 –1600 m³/h
  • Measuring range up to 1:20, at higher pressures up to 1:50
  • Nominal width DN 25 – DN 150
  • Aluminium housing
  • Temperature ranges
    QA: -10 °C up to +60 °C
    QAe: 0 °C up to +50 °C
  • Maintenance-free
  • QA: protection class IP52 7-digit mechanical index
  • QAe: protection class IP44 7-digit LCD display showing:
    – actual volume (basic state)
    – high-resolution volume (digits after the point)
    – current fl ow rate
    – key-day values / key-day date
    – back-fl ow volume
  • Metering accuracy in wide ranges independent of physical characteristics of the gas such as density, temperature and pressure
  • DVGW approved
  • Asia-Pacific