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Product Selection Program

The Landis+Gyr Product Selection Program is a multi-faceted program that is designed to assist in the selection and sizing of the gas products sold by Landis+Gyr. Read more

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These include Diaphragm, Rotary, Turbine and ultrasonic Meters, Filters, OPSO’s (Over Pressure Shut-Off devices), Axial Flow Valve, Regulators such as the Model 107, Model 300, 1200, 1800C, 1800B2, 1800CPB2, 3000, 1800/2000 Industrial, 1800PFM, MR Series 6, M2R-25A, M2R-75A, Z/ZSC and 60 Series Pilots.

The Product Selection Program is designed to be installed on stand alone PC’s.

The program also includes the following features:

  • Turbine Meter Over-Speed Protection Device Sizing for ISO-Critical venturi nozzles or square edged orifice type.
  • Natural Gas Properties Calculations., Such as higher and lower heating values, specific gravity, wobbe index, molecular weight, viscosity, density, compressibility etc.
  • Natural Gas Altitude, Pressure, Temperature, Compressibility and Super-Compressibility Calculator.
  • Units Converter, SI and non SI units are supported.
  • Product Brochures, Instructional Manuals, Parts Lists all accessible from within the program.
  • Pipe sizing recommendations for gas installations.

For a copy of the Product Selection Program please contact us by phone or email.

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