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Electricity Meters

Landis+Gyr E850 Qualigrid

Precise values for accounting, comprehensive data for network operation: from the very start, the E850 series from Landis+Gyr was developed with grid applications in mind. With its exceptionally low reaction time, high data resolution and proven operational security, it is clear… Read more

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  • Class 0.2S meter with transformer connection
  • Especially developed for grid applications
  • Much faster measuring than commercial and industrial meters
  • Single-phase power registration of any energy or quadrant
  • Integrates network quality module with 36 registers
  • Communication and accounting of line and transformers losses
  • Registration and display of instantaneous values
  • Excellent measurement ratios for low loads as well as under full load
  • Up to 36 measurement channels, 24 energy tariff registers and 8 maximum registers
  • Previous values and load profile recording
  • Tariff control with internal events signals
  • RS-485 interface for direct connection to additional meters (daisy chain)
  • Operational monitoring with event memory, up to 256 events
  • 4 or 8 output contacts
  • Asia-Pacific