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Landis+Gyr E660

The E660 is a completely newly developed device for high-end metering and analysis. It is providing unprecedented state-of-the art metrology in terms of accuracy, precision, and reliability. Read more

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The E660 is a completely newly developed device for high-end metering and analysis. It is providing unprecedented state-of-the art metrology in terms of accuracy, precision, and reliability. With extensive power quality measurement and a completely new set of advanced grid edge capabilities, this meter supports multiple utility processes from one single device. For efficiency, the key characteristics of the E660 contribute to a very competitive total cost of ownership.

State of the art metering

The measurement capabilities of the new E660 enable a wide range of applications, including the measurement of energy, demand, instantaneous network values, power quality and a comprehensive set of tariffs, logbooks, and profiles for historical values.

Its hardened security architecture sets a new standard for safety and security in industrial metering: High Level DLMS security with encryption and authentication, role based access (RBAC), TLS and security updates have been developed for the system integrated devices of the IoT world.

The E660 supports new safety standards in full (IEC62052-31). The expansion module E66E with digital inputs and outputs and electro-mechanical relay makes it possible to add new functionalities and extend the range of use cases flexibly, on demand and over the entire lifetime of the device.

The E660 as a Power Quality Instrument

The E660 can be used as a Power Quality Instrument (PQI) for better and faster power quality data to ensure that utilities can adhere to regulatory requirements. Continuous measurement makes this approach a cost-efficient option.

Communication and grid edge functionalities

The communication module E66C supports state of the art IP-communication LTE CAT-M1 and Ethernet. As a hub for securely routing differentiated data connections to multiple discrete clients and systems simultaneously (e.g. MDM, SCADA), it also provides access to local functionalities at the grid edge. Intelligent data delivery (SmartPush), RTU functionalities and modular software that is being launched in stage, will open the door for further customer specific use cases and local autonomy.

Competitive Total Cost of Ownership

The design and the range of functionalities are geared towards a very efficient Total Cost of Ownership. Not only its modularity and the flexibility to acquire additional features when needed are crucial, also the optimized design to ease installation, integration and operation is a strong driver for low TCO.

  • 3 in 1 approach: one device for billing, network monitoring and control and power quality supervision
  • High precision metering for energy and demand for multiple tariffs
  • Continuous power quality measurement integrated (EN50160, IEC61000-4-30 Cl. S)
  • Simultaneous communication on several channels
  • Exchangeable communication and local control functionality
  • Upgradeable industry standard security mechanisms ​(DLMS security suite 0 as default, upgrade path to ​suite 1 and 2 and TLS)
  • Flexibility and future-proofness through extendable modularity in hardware and software functionality
  • Excellent firmware isolation of legally relevant metrology
  • Designed for highest reliability, high grade component selection
  • Fulfils IEC62052-31 safety standard
  • Fast, safe and reliable connection with spring type terminals
  • Providing Grid Edge Intelligence
  • Accuracy classes C, B (MID) or 0.2s, 0.5s, 1 (IEC) (for active energy)
  • Transformer connection (CT; CT/VT)
  • Active, reactive and apparent energy (4-quadrant)
  • Power quality according EN50160 and IEC 61000-4-30 Cl. S or according IDIS
  • Modular Communication with E66C communication module
  • Standard and DLMS High Level Security
  • For use in overvoltage category III or IV environment
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa