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Since the inception of AMI, connectivity has been the backbone of the grid and plays a key role in supporting evolving use cases in the AMI network. Technology evolution is giving rise to additional challenges around operation and management of the electrical grid, as well as demanding advanced communication network capabilities to absorb use cases involving rapidly growing numbers of DERs and EVs.

The Solution

To overcome such challenges, Landis+Gyr's future-ready Gridstream® Connect IoT platform is flexible, scalable and based on open standards to allow seamless expansion of the utility network – including across geographically challenged areas and dynamic topologies. This secure and reliable hybrid communication technology offering also provides robust protection of data and assets from growing cybersecurity threats, across multiple network layers. 

The Gridstream Connect IoT platform provides a single multi-purpose networking solution designed to work with today’s communication technologies and expand to embrace those of the future, providing utilities with connectivity across every mile of their territory. With flexible communications solutions that support RF mesh, Wi-Fi, cellular, and Wi-SUN open-standards based networking options, Landis+Gyr offers a truly interoperable solution, where vendor lock-in ceases to be a concern. In addition, the platform helps utilities optimize AMI and​ smart grid investments​ through leveraging an open ecosystem of third–party sensors, without requiring costly hardware integrations or firmware licensing models. 

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