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More data is available to utilities about grid performance, consumer energy usage, DERs, asset protection, and security status than ever before. The challenge is in making use of the high volume of data flooding in from multiple sources, to be able to use it to inform and optimize decision-making from edge to enterprise, across the grid.

The Solution

Grid edge-to-enterprise intelligence is the key to unlocking a resilient and decarbonized energy future while ensuring utilities have the flexibility to adapt to evolving customer energy demands, enhancing the customer experience, and integrating distributed energy resources into their existing grid by extending the life of assets and optimize AMI investment through better decision-making.

Landis+Gyr’s hybrid edge intelligence and analytics solution deploys the Revelo IoT sensor at the edge of the grid to empower utilities with powerful data analytics fueled by waveform-level processing and computing resources. This solution serves to unlock insights at the enterprise level to improve grid reliability and resilience, and paves the way for the integration of renewable energy sources and EVs. Combined with the power of cloud-based analytics, leveraging AI/ML capabilities, the solution uniquely delivers on the promises of “Big Data”, providing:

  • Unparalleled edge intelligence and analytics, with Revelo’s high-powered computing and high-resolution waveform data
  • Support for grid and ​consumer-side apps to optimize grid management, improve consumer engagement,​ and provide flexible management options
  • Grid metering capability that incorporates high-resolution waveform data to support DER integration at the edge
  • Cloud-based analytics that combine data from disparate systems across departments to inform actionable insights

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