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The energy transition happening in the low voltage grid brings a number of new challenges for utilities. Rapid electrification is driving enormous increases in energy demand, increased Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) on the grid can lead to unreliable power supply, and it can be difficult to integrate unpredictable renewables cost-effectively into the network. These challenges have a direct impact on distribution utilities, driving a need for greater grid visibility and management.

The Solution

Landis+Gyr’s Flexibility Management is an end-to-end solution that enables optimization and orchestration of loads and DERs to improve reliability and resiliency in the accelerated energy transition. ​ Flexibility Management empowers utilities to meet these grid management challenges by providing near real-time management of DERs and ability to deliver grid services and outcomes. Leveraging Landis+Gyr’s AMI platform, with multiple connectivity options, utilities are able to manage multi-asset EV and DER programs with a “single pane of glass” perspective.

Flexibility Management offers utilities:

  • The ability to connect and control devices behind the meter, for better load management
  • The ability to see energy flows in the network, to better orchestrate distributed resources and reduce grid impact
  • Solutions to gain greater consumer awareness and active engagement in energy management
  • The ability to provide fleet electrification transition and real-time energy management solutions for themselves and their customers
  • Access to analytics and smart meters to detect EVs, and the ability to provide smart EV chargers

With Landis+Gyr’s Flexibility Management solution, utilities have the tools to analyze, optimize, orchestrate, and control loads and DERs to increase reliability and efficiency​. We also offer strategic advice to utilities on their electrification strategy programs.

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