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Protecting critical infrastructure is a continuous and continually evolving battle that must be addressed now.

As cyberattacks and incidents against critical infrastructure increase, grid operators and solution providers must have reliable end-to-end visibility in their operational technology to protect the grid. Plus, they must comply with the growing number of cybersecurity and resilience requirements defined in standards and regulations. As a true comrade and partner in the cybersecurity fight, Landis+Gyr provides and develops security solutions that cover the entire electrical grid from the substation to head-end systems and grid edge devices.

Cybersecurity Solutions to Protect the Grid

OT Security

The Landis+Gyr OT Security offering provides companies with a powerful network-based intrusion detection system specifically designed for utilities’ operations technology. The tried-and-tested OT monitoring with anomaly detection developed by the Landis+Gyr company, Rhebo gives operators and security managers:

• Full OT visibility on all OT assets and communication
• Immediate detection of known vulnerabilities on hardware and software components
• Real-time notification of suspicious activities and technical anomalies within the OT

Head-End Security

Landis+Gyr’s Head-End Security offering ensures that smart metering managing head-end systems operate safe, secure and always available. The Head-End Security offering facilitates continuous security monitoring with state-of-the-art anomaly detection to:

• Detect attacks, security breaches and tampering attempts in head-end systems in real-time
• Ensure security breaches get mitigated right away
• Any cyber incident is fully documented to comply with reporting requirements

IoT Grid Edge Security

Landis+Gyr and Rhebo have developed an edge-based security solution that provides security
monitoring with anomaly detection and security automation directly on the edge devices. The OS-agnostic solution can be integrated by vendors of grid edge devices with little effort. This enables operators:

• Expand their industrial cyber visibility to the edge
• Detect and stop attacks at the edge
• Protect the IoT fleet as well as central control systems from grid edge cyber attacks

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