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Harness Data in New and Exciting Ways

Gridstream Connect is Landis+Gyr’s flexible, future-ready utility IoT platform, incorporating a diverse system of sensors and flexible network communications. The Gridstream Connect Apps solution provides a fully integrated and open application ecosystem that lets you maximize the value of the Gridstream Connect platform, enabling the creation of secure, custom applications tailored to your unique objectives.

  • Enhance consumer engagement
  • Optimize grid operations
  • Increase energy efficiencies
  • Identify new revenue streams
  • Implement smart city applications

App Development Environment

App Studio and Edge Developer Kits make it easy to build and deploy custom apps for the Gridstream Connect platform, whether internal, field-level, or consumer-focused. The Edge Developer Kits for the Network Bridge, Edge Intelligence Card, and Revelo contain everything you need to get started creating secure, custom solutions tailored to your unique objectives. Additional nodes can be ordered as needed, including Landis+Gyr’s Series 6 Network Node and Cellular Node.

App Marketplace

App Marketplace provides a familiar IoT e-commerce experience for app developers and Gridstream Connect customers. For developers, the App Marketplace includes flexible licensing and billing plans as well as app promotion features. Gridstream Connect customers can browse the catalog of available applications, read reviews, and direct questions to the app developers. Apps in the catalog have been authorized by Landis+Gyr to run on App OS-enabled devices and Gridstream Connect networks.

App Developer Support

Join the community of edge app developers leveraging Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream Connect Apps solution. Developers have access to the community for knowledge sharing and collaboration with Landis+Gyr and other developers. Our developer support programs include core services such as app signing, security scans, and basic app qualification for submission to the App Marketplace. Premium services are available for application engineering support, code review, and scalability testing.

Gridstream Connect Apps can be installed on a wide variety of intelligent devices to gather and integrate edge, field, and system-level data to drive customer engagement and future growth for your business.

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Gridstream Connect Apps Ecosystem Solution Overview

Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream Connect Apps ecosystem is a flexible, secure platform designed to support an open development community and marketplace that allows for creation, purchase, sale, and management of apps. The ecosystem empowers a community of application developers to create edge apps and enables utilities to manage apps on the platform.