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Improve grid operation and accommodate new sources of renewable energy with Landis+Gyr’s battery energy storage. Landis+Gyr offers the latest innovations in energy storage. By reserving unused energy for periods of peak demand, you can better manage your power flow, prevent outages, and improve grid stability. Rather than purchasing costly energy from a third party, you can fill in the gaps with your own stored energy. Plus, you’ll be able to transform renewables, such as wind power and solar power, into stable producers for your grid. By regulating both voltage and frequency of renewable energy sources, Landis+Gyr’s storage systems reduce the amount of stress placed on your grid and prolong the life of your existing assets.

Energy Storage Solutions

Battery Energy Storage

Landis+Gyr's Energy Storage solutions enable utility customers to dramatically improve grid operation and stay ahead of changes on the rapidly evolving power grid.

Advanced Grid Analytics

Advanced Grid Analytics

Landis+Gyr's portfolio of Advanced Grid Analytics applications is designed to help solve power quality, reliability, revenue protection and other operational challenges by harnessing available distribution data. This proven solution applies meter and distribution network data — using physics-based algorithms — to system…

Commercial and Industrial Meters

E650 S4x

The next generation of commercial metering begins with the E650 S4x. The S4x sets a new standard for versatility right out of the box, with four quandrant measurements of active and reactive energy, load profile and TOU without a battery…

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Let Landis+Gyr improve your power quality and make the most of renewable energy sources. For more information about our battery energy storage, contact us today.

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