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Advanced Grid Analytics

Reliability Planner

Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics Fault Circuit Indicator (FCI) Optimization application provides rapid, accurate and cost-effective determination of FCI investments in any given distribution network for improved network reliability. The application applies algorithms developed and field tested by utility engineers for… Read more

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The Reliability Planner application utilizes Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics platform that enables utilities to leverage data integration, visualization, and advanced algorithms for multiple analysis and business cases. With adaptive, modular functionality, the platform and data can be utilized to support evolving utility needs, leveraging economies of scale and eliminating data silos and the need to manage multiple vendor systems. Each application can be deployed individually or as part of an enterprise solution. Flexible deployment options ensure that the benefits of the Advanced Grid Analytics platform are quickly achievable and easily accessible for utilities of any size, by deploying the platform within the utility’s own infrastructure, hosted in the cloud or delivered as a service offering.

  • Visualize historical outages utilizing geospatial and tabular layout
  • Advanced filtering based on jurisdiction, substation, feeder, outage type and others
  • Calculate SAIDI, SAIFI, CEMI, indirect customer costs, and other KPIs at the feeder, substation and jurisdictional levels
  • Identify worst-performing feeder, substations and jurisdictions
  • Define Major Event Days (MEDs) based on jurisdictional criteria and utilize them in all visualizations and KPI calculations
  • Identify various reliability solutions – costs and impact on reliability
  • Manually select specific reliability solutions and perform cost-benefit analysis
  • Optimize reliability solutions to meet specific reliability index target and determine associated minimum solution costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance
  • Reduce outages, customer complaints, and unplanned restoration efforts
  • Improve SAIDI, CAIDI, SAIFI and CEMI
  • Improved reliability planning to avoid momentary interruptions and sustained outages, improving power quality
  • Optimize asset replacement and maintenance spending, providing more reliability value for available budget, or to justify existing reliability budgets
  • Complete cost-benefit analysis for multiple solutions based on utility-specific goals
  • Analysis of past outages and mitigation options, allowing operators to better anticipate and respond to system disturbances
  • Determine the ideal quantity and location for reliability improvements and distribution automation devices
  • Optimally place switches and automated switches along a feeder and import switch placement results into reliability solution optimization to compare cost-benefits of ARS schemes with other reliability solutions
  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific

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