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Landis+Gyr E460

The E460 smart prepayment meter solution is designed for open standard prepayment and smart metering communication needs. The portfolio includes advanced, single phase (DIN Rail and BS) and three phase, multi-function, STS keypad based, G3 PLC smart prepayment meter solutions. Read more

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  • The E460 portfolio consists of single-phase, DIN-Rail smart, single phase British Standard (BS), three-phase STS prepayment meters which works with a P160 PLC Customer Interface Unit
  • Integrated OFDM G3-PLC for two-way communications between the E460 meter, the P160 Customer Interface Unit and the DC450
  • Data Concentrator communications via WAN to the Head-end System (HES)
  • The single-phase BS and three-phase meters offer optional point-to-point communications via their under-cover modems which support LTE/NBIoT with 2G fallback – this is especially valuable to low density installations such as farms and small holdings.  The meters have integrated G3-PLC communications so that they may also be used with the G3-PLC Data Concentrator where the density of meter installations justifies installation of the Data Concentrator.
  • Open STS prepayment (IEC62055-41/51) dlms/COSEM
  • Changeable meter account modes such as post-payment (credit) or prepayment with either STS consumption (kWh) or STS monetary currency unit options
  • Zero power tamper sensing when meter is not powered
  • A wide range of events with date and time stamps in the on-line mode
  • Power quality profiles instantaneous values of voltage, current, power and much more
  • Voltage supervision with events logged when thresholds are exceeded
  • Remote disconnect and reconnect in the on-line mode
  • Load limiting control functions including demand and power-limiting
  • Four quadrant measurements with separate import and export registers
  • Configurable charge register capability, enabling flexible management of the meter’s prepayment account for both import and export energy
  • Real Time Clock – synchronized by the Data Concentrator in the on-line configuration mode
  • Time of Use, with STS currency token transfer option in the prepayment mode
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa