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Street Light Management Software

Allowing utilities to remotely monitor and control lighting, Landis+Gyr’s street light management software is responsible for ensuring efficiency across your network. The software provides asset management support, in addition to enabling controller capabilities surrounding luminaire fault monitoring, performance/energy reporting and…

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A finely tuned database repository stores all customer and meter metadata. In addition, the usage and diagnostic data provides the foundation for the analytics and business processes within the Core and SmartData Applications.

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SmartData Connect

SmartData Connect™ is a customer engagement platform that transforms meter data into an easy to use resource for both consumers and utility personnel. It is a secure and flexible portal, integrated (standards-based) with the Gridstream® Command Center head end as well…

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SmartData for Outage Management

The number one task of a utility is to provide a much-needed commodity without interruption. So when an outage occurs, the affected world practically stops, and returning to normal requires a more effective use of information; it is available through…

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Reliability Planner

Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics Fault Circuit Indicator (FCI) Optimization application provides rapid, accurate and cost-effective determination of FCI investments in any given distribution network for improved network reliability. The application applies algorithms developed and field tested by utility engineers for…

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Asset Loading

Managing the health of distribution assets is critical for utilities to reliably and economically manage their distribution systems. Aging assets and evolving load profiles have intensified the need for utilities to monitor the performance of their distribution assets, identify reliability…

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Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Optimizer

Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics DER Optimizer application allows utilities to accurately plan for and manage distributed energy resources located on the grid or at a customer premise. The application assists utility planners in analyzing the impacts of renewable penetration on…

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Revenue Protection

Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics platform harnesses meter data information from both advanced metering systems and other key IT and operational data stores (GIS, CIS, weather data) to help swiftly and accurately identify areas of potential revenue loss such as theft/tamper…

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Voltage Visualization

Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics Voltage Visualization Module allows utilities to maximize the benefits of their AMI investments and implement more cost-effective Volt/ VAr management and conservation voltage reduction (CVR) programs. The application imports data from GIS or MultiSpeak® compliant distribution…

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SCADA Center Product Suite

Landis+Gyr’s SCADA Center is a suite of applications that delivers a full range of distribution automation functions, including distributed intelligence for data acquisition and control in the utility environment. These applications can be used as single, stand-alone systems, or interconnected…

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