EVN and EVNSPC Win for Best Digital Transformation of Vietnam with Landis+Gyr at Asian Utility Week 2018

11, July 2018 – Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and its subsidiary, Southern Power Corporation (SPC) have received Asian Utility Week’s Best Digital Transformation award for the roll-out of Landis+Gyr’s Meter Data Management System (MDMS), a project that has transformed energy data management for the entire nation of Vietnam.

Announced in Bangkok, Thailand at Asian Utility Week 2018, the award recognises the most innovative digital project and solution across digital metering, business intelligence and/or Internet of Things (IoT) platforms that have transformed utilities.

Landis+Gyr was selected by EVN just over two years ago to build and deploy a central repository for meter data across all five subsidiary corporations under its control, which represents the entire electricity system of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Allowing data to be processed quickly and efficiently for such applications as billing and outage management, the MDMS brings together an extremely large number of disparate head end and back-end systems, at a scale unique for global deployments.

Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) serves the second largest number of provinces and customers in Vietnam and proved a worthy example for the award. EVNSPC’s meter data management system processes data from one million meters, making it the largest in Vietnam to date, with 20 million load profile reads and 250 million instantaneous reads being recorded each day.

EVNSPC set out to leverage the capabilities of the meter data management system to increase productivity, improve the quality of its customer service and decrease operational costs.

Jamal Cheema, Vice President of Landis+Gyr SEA said, “In the face of rapid transformation as traditional power networks become digitalised, this partnership will provide a competitive edge through increased efficiencies within the business.”

“This project demonstrates how a meter data management system can provide the foundation for two-way communications and the efficient, real-time management of data so that timely and pro-active action can be taken with respect to both grid and customer management,” he added.

Trần Trọng Nghĩa, Deputy Director of Business Development Board and Head of the MDMS Implementation Team at EVNSPC, highlighted the spirit of partnership that has characterised Landis+Gyr’s work with the utility, “The deployment team for the MDM system, as well as Landis +Gyr, were enthusiastic, cooperative…especially when designing the system, they sent specialists with the appropriate capabilities and knowledge about the Vietnam electricity industry to expedite the process and resolve any issues we might have had. They were also generally very receptive to our suggestions.”

EVNSPC plans to build on existing capabilities and use the meter data management system to create a centralised resource that is not just for billing data, but back-end applications such as customer service, load forecast and load research systems.

About Landis+Gyr

Landis+Gyr is the leading global provider of integrated energy management solutions for the utility sector. Offering one of the broadest portfolios of products and services to address complex industry challenges, the company delivers comprehensive solutions for the foundation of a smarter grid, including smart metering, distribution network sensing and automation tools, load control, analytics and energy storage. Landis+Gyr operates in over 30 countries across five continents. With sales of approximately USD 1.7 billion, the company employs c. 6,000 people with the sole mission of helping the world manage energy better.

More information is available at www.landisgyr.com

About Vietnam Electricity (EVN)

Vietnam Electricity (EVN), the successor to state-owned Vietnam Electricity Corporation (established in 1994), focuses on power development, in support of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s vision to improve national socio-economic growth. Encompassing power generation, transmission, distribution and end-consumer sales nation-wide, EVN manages three Power Generation Corporations (GENCOs 1,2,3), one power transmission corporation (EVNNPT) and five regional power distribution corporations (North, Central, South and the two metropolises Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh), together with 19 dependent-accounting units. Serving 24.85 million customers in 2017 and growing, EVN’s goal is to leverage new technology innovation to streamline processes and improve customer service.

More information is available at www.evn.com.vn

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