Building the big picture

The new center’s target capacity will be 85,000 industrial measurement points (300,000 scanned and 80,000 calculated load profiles). The system will be integrated into associated systems, especially the existing SAP ERP system.

The center will provide support for the distribution company in the Czech Republic, as well as distribution companies in Romania and Bulgaria that are part of the CEZ Group.

The measurement center will be built in 2008 in Prague and will provide data readouts and processing of commercial measurements for I&C customers and the Czech CEZ Group production sites.

The CEZ Group is one of the largest utility groups in Europe, both in terms of energy and number of customers. Within the Central European region, it is one of the leaders in the electricity market.

A tailored solution
The solution is based on Landis+Gyr’s industrial AMM technology, intended for data exchange in liberalised markets.

The data services center will support all activities related to data readouts from ICG measurements and their primary processing. This includes validation and processing of raw data for invoicing purposes. Measured data will be sent to end-users through an internet portal.

A central part of the solution is the MessageHandler module, which will ensure communication with market operators to comply with regional legislation. The entire system has a sophisticated fail-safe design so that if any one component fails, the rest of the system will continue to operate.