Battery Energy Storage.

Intelligent energy storage for the modern grid

Build-for-purpose energy storage systems

With a proven reputation for listening to customers, understanding their complex challenges and helping them develop smart grid solutions that are reliable, versatile and Future Ready™, Landis+Gyr is ready to help you navigate the energy storage landscape. Landis+Gyr brings years of experience and a holistic approach to energy storage solutions that ensure your project delivers value to your business.

The Landis+Gyr difference

Implementing successful energy storage solutions requires a partner with know-how, technology independence and strong financial backing. Landis+Gyr is a partner that delivers a:

  • Comprehensive solution suite that enables the best solution for any given problem
  • Bankable warranty
  • "Cradle-to-grave" support built on 100+ years of utility service experience
  • Expert integration of low total cost of ownership solutions

the Grid.

A new balance of power

As load patterns change and intermittent energy sources increase penetration, flexible, robust energy storage systems are required to address power quality and power flow issues.

Renewable generation is expected to account for 29 percent of total capacity by 2040,* and electric cars are expected to account for 35 percent of all new vehicle sales within the same period.

*SOURCE: U.S. Energy Information Administration, "International Energy Outlook 2016"

Extending Infrastructure
Asset Life.

Defer investments
in new assets

Energy storage can help to defer investments in grid assets by helping manage location-specific load growth and aging infrastructure. Moreover, energy storage offers a capital-efficient means to address peak demand at both local and system-wide levels.

Placement is

Energy storage deployable at the location of need


Whether installed within renewable or traditional generation sites, Landis+Gyr's battery systems address critical plant issues by providing:

  • Ramp assist
  • Ramp rate control
  • Buffering and smoothing
  • Renewable firming and indeterminacy management


With siting at substations or along feeder lines, Landis+Gyr's energy storage systems support renewable installations by ensuring power quality and power flow, as well as enabling asset investment deferral in support of resource adequacy.

Behind the Meter

Landis+Gyr's energy storage systems are deployed behind the meter support commercial, industrial and residential sites with:

  • Demand charge reduction
  • Increased PV Self-Consumption
  • Peak Shifting
  • Backup power

System Design and Integration.

Leveraging 115 years of utility industry experience

The anatomy of an energy storage installation can be customized across many different project types.

Landis+Gyr not only offers battery system designs customized to your needs, but also commands world-class deployment resources who are experienced in executing and integrating systems seamlessly into the utilities electrical and network infrastructure.


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